“I appreciate the ease of adjusting Truitt levers, and the string is on pitch when sharped or flatted. Thanks to Betty!!”

– Margie Bekoff

“What I love about the Truitt levers, besides their ease and exactness, is the FEEL of the lever itself. Mine are round and heart shaped at the tips and my fingers can FEEL the difference, so I know I am on the right lever.”

– Kathryn Kuba-Dandurand

“Truitt levers are amazingly easy to use and work very precisely… They are very smooth to the touch  and make switching keys pretty easy. I highly recommend them as a real plus to any harp that has them.”

– Devora Susman

“Truitt Levers are the best! they are beautiful, practical, easy to use, 3 qualities that most things have to have to satisfy me!”

– Laurence Marie

“I really appreciate Betty’s levers, and only wish both my harps had them!”

– Joan Bowker

 “Here is one of my six presently owned harps, ALL enhanced with my ‘favorite’ Betty Truitt Levers!”

– Marilyn Johnson 

“I have many harps with many different levers, but my students agree with me that the Truitt levers are the smoothest, easiest to adjust, and reliable. They work long and hard like their creator – thanks Betty! Flippingly yours ”

– Anita Leschied