“Having helped design many harps over the past 30 years for the comfort of ease and playing, Betty Truitt understood my need for a lever that would not twist my wrist in an un-natural position. Therefore, her ergonomically designed levers protect the player from undue tendonitis while performing. Many times while playing the harp, my eye fixes on the shininess of the beautiful shimmering gold under the lights and for a few moments I feel like I’m transported to a golden temple from ancient days. They do not stick, nor flop, are quiet and smooth, lightweight, and truly the rolls royce of any lever I have seen on the market.”
– Christina Tourin
“Truitt Levers are exactly what you need, for harps and beyond– they work great and look great doing it”
– Allan Beardsell


“We at Harps and Harps have been installing and recommending Truitt levers for may years and thousands of installed levers. Our customers like the look of the real gold plating and appreciate the tonal quality achieved using Truitt levers.  As harp makers we appreciate the ease of installation and these high quality of the levers and find Betty a dream to do business with.”

– Brandden Lassells, Harp Maker, Australia


“Here is a picture of Marilyn, my wife playing a Wellspring 36. 90 percent of the harps I sell have Truitts’ levers. They look good. They work. They last. Bravo Betty!”

– Joseph Jourdain,
Harp Maker, Canada
Josephus Harps,