“With Truitt levers, I feel so confident that the sharped strings will sound true to the pitch I expect. And, the gold plated levers will last longer than a lifetime, without tarnishing!  They are so worth the extra cost and effort to switch from other brands.  Not only does my Hidden Valley Minuet (I call Jubal) have the Truitt levers, but also my Lewis Creek Jesse (which I call Willow) has the Truitt levers.”  (GoDaddy)

– Linda Hill

“I have two triplet  harps.  A Christina Therapy and a Triplet  Sierra. I chose to have Truitt  Levers on both Harps and just love them. They are light to touch, easy to manipulate,sturdy and look good. I would always use them and recommend them.”

– Carla Whiteley 

“I LOVE the Truitt levers.  I lead sing-alongs at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont and some of the old-timey tunes are quite sophisticated.  I can flip two levers at a time and be where I need to be because of the quick response and ease of the levers.” 

– Judi Byron

“I have had levers on three harps upgraded to Truitt Levers. When playing at the bedside, I wanted patients to only hear the music, not the changing of levers when transitioning to a new key.  Truitt levers deliver.  They are quiet and do not distort the sound of strings as some other levers do.”
– Cyndi Bickel
“Truitt levers are the smoothest, quietest, easiest working lever ever!”
– Julie Smith
“Truitt levers are a masterpiece in design and function and they were, indeed, one of the most important reasons I purchased my “Delight” carbon fiber harp.”
– Jan Hirsch
Getting compliments on how the Truitt Levers add to the beauty of my harp.”
– Karen Thueme