“Truth is that most levers will work fine or “good enough” if they are set up properly. Some are more impressive in their ingenuity and the gadget minded appreciate the cleverness of their construction. In the end I don’t think that they are any better than the Truitt lever. I appreciate the simplicity of the design of the Truitt lever. They have a massive base with two screws to hold them securely to the harp neck and the post that contacts the string mimics most closely the contact of the bridge pin. They are elegant to look at and when installed correctly do not degrade the sound of the string when they are engaged. Best of all, for me as the luthier, they are by far the easiest to install. That goes a long way in making them my first choice in levers.”

– Roger Muma

“Betty Truitt truly pioneered the first high quality lever.  Truitts’ excellent design is easy to install, beautiful to look at and when engaged doesn’t effect tonal quality.”

– William Rees


“Truitt Levers are easy to use, give a clear sound, and I love them!”

– Estelle Day


“My favorite therapy harp is outfitted with Truitt levers. They are slender and elegant looking, but don’t let that fool you – they are real workhorses! I love how smoothly they engage and I can depend on them to always be in tune.”

– Shannon Schumann

“The importance of having levers that glide with ease cannot be overstated.  Truitt levers are top of the line, hands down!   I’m grateful to Betty for creating them.”

– Sarah Schwartz

“Here’s a picture of me playing my Thormahlen harp fitted with Betty’s superb gleaming levers. She put them on my harp in 2001. They add to the beauty of the harp and the sound is absolutely true. I have never been disappointed in them.”
– Fran Delaney