Truitt complete set of Harp Levers


  • The Truitt sharping lever is carved by computerized, precision machinery with tolerances of .003 – .005 accuracy.
  • The lever is comprised of solid hard brass, plated with 24-karat gold to prevent tarnishing, adding sheen and luster for the life of your levers.
  •  Only brass is used as it provides a clear tone.
  •  No more ‘wolf’ notes caused by levers!
  •  Hours of research and development, detailed planning and experimentation, helped by comments from harpists, all were considered to bring this lever to you.
  •  When you purchase the Truitt lever you will know you have the best sharping lever on the market.
  •  Its feel, form and appearance speak for itself.
  •  If you want an elegant lever to enhance your elegant music, the Truitt sharping lever is your first choice.

– Betty Roan Truitt


This following page links explore all aspects of the Truitt Levers.


The Base

Available in five base configurations.

(1) Use the three-slot (K) base with treble strings of 3-1/2″ to 12″ long.
(2) Use the one-slot (K1) base where there is not enough wood to attach the K lever.
(3) Use the (K2) lever where two-slots are on the lower end for the right-handed or double-sided harp.

(4) Use the (B2) lever where the two-slots are on the upper end of the base when there is not enough wood to attach the B4 base (very rarely needed).

(5) Use the four-slot (B4) base.

width of all bases = 7/16″
width with the stop attached = 17/32″

Overall lengths:
K & B4 = 15/16″
K1 & K2 & B2 = 11/16″

Distance from the sharping point to bottom of the base:
K & B4 = 7/16″
K1 & K2 & B2 = 1/4″


The Handle

Two handle configurations are offered: a round-shaped end (R) and a heart-shaped end (H).
A suggestion: use the heart shape for C’s and F’s for immediate recognition and the round shape for others (or vice-versa), or use all round shapes.

The Fret Pin

Fret pins are made of either brass (B) or black delrin (A).
Use the brass fret pin (B) with all monofilament nylon or gut, and wrapped nylon/nylon strings over .030 diameter.
Brass narrow groove (Bn) use with any monofilament, nylon, gut, or metal less than .029 string diameter.
Brass wide groove (Bw) use when overall string diameter exceeds .092.
Use the delrin fret pin (A) on strings with metal in their composition.



The Stop

The stop is added to B4 and B2 bases only. They are used with monofilament and wrapped strings, both nylon core and metal (steel or copper core). The purpose is to hold the string firmly against the fret pin. Use the small stop (S) with strings having smaller than .055″ overall diameter, the medium stop (M) with .055″ to .094″, and the large stop (L) with .095 to .130″ string diameters.

Recap of Terminology

K – Notched, three-slot base, use on strings 12″ and shorter
K2 – Two slots on bottom, use on strings 12″ and less; (a) when zither pins are in place if the string is wound in reverse; (b) when strings come off the left side of neck (as in double strung harps).
K1 – Notched base with only one slot, use if neck is very narrow and strings are less than 12″.
B2 – Two-slot base for narrow necks, strings 12″+
B4 – Regular base, four-slot base, use on strings longer than 12″
H – Heart shaped handle
R – Round shaped handle
A – Delrin (black) fret pin, use with metal strings
B – Brass fret pins, use on nylon, gut and metal strings
Bn – Brass fret pins, narrow groove, use on nylon, gut, and metal strings less than .030 oad

Bw – Brass fret pins, wide groove, use on nylon, gut, and metal strings more than .092 oad

S – Small stop, use on wrapped strings less than .055″
M – Medium stop, use on wrapped strings .055″ – .093″
L – Large stop, use on wrapped strings 094″ to .130″


Levers Guarantee

These levers are given a 3-year replacement guarantee for any part of or the entire original lever where mechanical failure occurs.
If the levers have been modified by the installer or harp owner, this guarantee is void.
All products are individually hand assembled and fitted. If any product arrives damaged, let me know and I will replace it immediately.

The Truitt sharping lever is used on guitar harps.


Price since 6/2/11 – $16.90
The increase is due to rising gold prices and machinist increases!

Yes, that’s real gold plating (24k)!!
Truitt Sharping Levers cost $16.90 each.
Price includes free: 2 attachment screws per lever.
First-time installers will receive, upon request, free one set of illustrated instructions; one 5/64” bit when they purchase a full set of levers.
Wing-handled wrench can be purchased separately for $6.70.


Due to the price of gold having been raised, I regret that discounts are discontinued.



Drill bit (#44 bit) 5/64″ – $2.25 ea

Hand tap 3-48 plug – $7.90 ea

Torx L-wrench #6 (1-1/2″) – $4.75 ea

Wing-handle Torx #6 driver (3-1/4″) – $6.70 ea

Torx plastic thicker-handle 5″ long driver #6 – $7.95 ea

Extra Parts

Stop (gold-plated) – $3.25 ea

Fret (gold-plated brass) – $2.95 ea

Fret (delrin) – $2.50 ea

Extra attachment screws – $0.20 ea


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