“Here are four of the harps my daughter and I own, all four from different builders, all with the same wonderful levers, by Betty Truitt! Thanks to Betty’s encouragement, Mary felt confident to completely change the levers on the large Regency, and we have made sure to ask for Truitts on each harp. Their smoothness and purity of tone are superb. Thanks, Betty!”

– with love Margaret Warczak and Mary Gowan

My Truitt levers are trusted, true and reliable.  Best levers ever.

– Sharon Stoll

– Maureen Spadaro

“I simply love how smoothly they move without a sound and their size is perfect for easy handling.  If I could afford it I would replace all the levers on my Dusty 36!”
– Debi Johnson 

“Having helped design many harps over the past 30 years for the comfort of ease and playing, Betty Truitt understood my need for a lever that would not twist my wrist in an un-natural position. Therefore, her ergonomically designed levers protect the player from undue tendonitis while performing. Many times while playing the harp, my eye fixes on the shininess of the beautiful shimmering gold under the lights and for a few moments I feel like I’m transported to a golden temple from ancient days. They do not stick, nor flop, are quiet and smooth, lightweight, and truly the rolls royce of any lever I have seen on the market.”
– Christina Tourin
“Truitt Levers are exactly what you need, for harps and beyond– they work great and look great doing it”
– Allan Beardsell


“We at Harps and Harps have been installing and recommending Truitt levers for may years and thousands of installed levers. Our customers like the look of the real gold plating and appreciate the tonal quality achieved using Truitt levers.  As harp makers we appreciate the ease of installation and these high quality of the levers and find Betty a dream to do business with.”

– Brandden Lassells, Harp Maker, Australia


“Here is a picture of Marilyn, my wife playing a Wellspring 36. 90 percent of the harps I sell have Truitts’ levers. They look good. They work. They last. Bravo Betty!”

– Joseph Jourdain,
Harp Maker, Canada
Josephus Harps,





“With Truitt levers, I feel so confident that the sharped strings will sound true to the pitch I expect. And, the gold plated levers will last longer than a lifetime, without tarnishing!  They are so worth the extra cost and effort to switch from other brands.  Not only does my Hidden Valley Minuet (I call Jubal) have the Truitt levers, but also my Lewis Creek Jesse (which I call Willow) has the Truitt levers.”  (GoDaddy) CelestialHarp.com

– Linda Hill

“I have two triplet  harps.  A Christina Therapy and a Triplet  Sierra. I chose to have Truitt  Levers on both Harps and just love them. They are light to touch, easy to manipulate,sturdy and look good. I would always use them and recommend them.”

– Carla Whiteley 

“I LOVE the Truitt levers.  I lead sing-alongs at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont and some of the old-timey tunes are quite sophisticated.  I can flip two levers at a time and be where I need to be because of the quick response and ease of the levers.” 

– Judi Byron

“I have had levers on three harps upgraded to Truitt Levers. When playing at the bedside, I wanted patients to only hear the music, not the changing of levers when transitioning to a new key.  Truitt levers deliver.  They are quiet and do not distort the sound of strings as some other levers do.”
– Cyndi Bickel
“Truitt levers are the smoothest, quietest, easiest working lever ever!”
– Julie Smith
“Truitt levers are a masterpiece in design and function and they were, indeed, one of the most important reasons I purchased my “Delight” carbon fiber harp.”
– Jan Hirsch
Getting compliments on how the Truitt Levers add to the beauty of my harp.”
– Karen Thueme


“The Truitt levers are the only ones we offer because they are the best ones out there!”

– Dave Woodworth 

“The truitt levers are a touch of class and also provide a rich tone when engaged”

– Triplett Harps 

” I’ve been making my customers happy with Truitt sharping levers for nearly two decades.  They’re great.  They have excellent sound, smooth action, look stunning, and are one of the easiest to install.

– Alexander Marini

“True tone, tough and easy to install.”

– Tat Stanley

“Betty is one of my best suppliers!
Her levers and hardware are great – rock solid quality control for the dozen plus years I’ve been using her products.

She maintains an ample inventory, so I’m not stuck waiting weeks for parts.

She and her staff call promptly with any questions they have and are a pleasure to work with.

When I place an order, I know those levers will be in the mail in a day or two.

For novices making their first harp, or upgrading their harp, my top recommendation is to use Truitt levers.

They are by far the easiest to mount and regulate accurately.”

– Rick Kemper


“I appreciate the ease of adjusting Truitt levers, and the string is on pitch when sharped or flatted. Thanks to Betty!!”

– Margie Bekoff

“What I love about the Truitt levers, besides their ease and exactness, is the FEEL of the lever itself. Mine are round and heart shaped at the tips and my fingers can FEEL the difference, so I know I am on the right lever.”

– Kathryn Kuba-Dandurand

“Truitt levers are amazingly easy to use and work very precisely… They are very smooth to the touch  and make switching keys pretty easy. I highly recommend them as a real plus to any harp that has them.”

– Devora Susman

“Truitt Levers are the best! they are beautiful, practical, easy to use, 3 qualities that most things have to have to satisfy me!”

– Laurence Marie

“I really appreciate Betty’s levers, and only wish both my harps had them!”

– Joan Bowker

 “Here is one of my six presently owned harps, ALL enhanced with my ‘favorite’ Betty Truitt Levers!”

– Marilyn Johnson 

“I have many harps with many different levers, but my students agree with me that the Truitt levers are the smoothest, easiest to adjust, and reliable. They work long and hard like their creator – thanks Betty! Flippingly yours ”

– Anita Leschied


“Truth is that most levers will work fine or “good enough” if they are set up properly. Some are more impressive in their ingenuity and the gadget minded appreciate the cleverness of their construction. In the end I don’t think that they are any better than the Truitt lever. I appreciate the simplicity of the design of the Truitt lever. They have a massive base with two screws to hold them securely to the harp neck and the post that contacts the string mimics most closely the contact of the bridge pin. They are elegant to look at and when installed correctly do not degrade the sound of the string when they are engaged. Best of all, for me as the luthier, they are by far the easiest to install. That goes a long way in making them my first choice in levers.”

– Roger Muma

“Betty Truitt truly pioneered the first high quality lever.  Truitts’ excellent design is easy to install, beautiful to look at and when engaged doesn’t effect tonal quality.”

– William Rees


“Truitt Levers are easy to use, give a clear sound, and I love them!”

– Estelle Day


“My favorite therapy harp is outfitted with Truitt levers. They are slender and elegant looking, but don’t let that fool you – they are real workhorses! I love how smoothly they engage and I can depend on them to always be in tune.”

– Shannon Schumann

“The importance of having levers that glide with ease cannot be overstated.  Truitt levers are top of the line, hands down!   I’m grateful to Betty for creating them.”

– Sarah Schwartz

“Here’s a picture of me playing my Thormahlen harp fitted with Betty’s superb gleaming levers. She put them on my harp in 2001. They add to the beauty of the harp and the sound is absolutely true. I have never been disappointed in them.”
– Fran Delaney