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 Betty’s Story

Betty Truitt traveled extensively while growing up in a military family. Her favorite place to live was Hawaii where she was active on the swim team and then came back to the states and lived in Orange county where she became involved softball leagues. As a pre-med major at Chapman College during times when females were still discriminated in the early 60’s, she raised out of the depths of despair and not to be un-daunted for long, she switched to art education. Living in San Diego she worked at San Diego State University as a word processing professional.  
One day she took a journey up to Mount Laguna and while there, she came upon Robinson’s Harp shop. Meeting Phyllis and Robbie Robinson changed her life in a 360 turn!  “What is that?” she asked. Robbie introduced her to the world of harps and before she knew it, she not only was off to Paraguay and Brazil to research Paraguayan harps and music with the Robinson’s but decided to uproot and move up to Mount Laguna where she apprenticed with Robbie in harp-making.
After her apprenticeship, she built her own shop in Mount Laguna, known as ‘harp heaven’ – a town of 55 people with 8 harp businesses!  Her harps are owned by some of the fore-most leading harp players including Lori Pappajohn and Cynthia Douglas. Along with harp-making came string-making. If this wasn’t enough, after a few years of public service dedication to the fire department, Betty served as chief and an EMT. Her endless bountiful energy helped to keep the people, animals and homes safe during the most drastic fires that take place in California.

Her sharp mind kept internalizing the need for a superior lever for the beautiful harps being built. Lots of trips to the local machinist, design-work, and testing led to the development of the patented Truitt Lever! Over the years, Betty has continued to offer makers and players a product completely made in the USA and from the work tables in her Mount Laguna home. Each lever is assembled with attention to every maneuver (see the video). She enjoys watching the wildlife – birds and squirrels, while creating her levers.
An avid animal lover, a seeker and traveller, Betty Truitt truly lives an exciting life, reaching out to others and encouraging them to do so as well.

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