(brass and 24-karat gold plate)

These come in a variety of sizes made in single wall only small, medium, large, extra large.

Also there are brass-plated eyelets available in medium and large. We are sorry to report that we cannot obtain any Heavy Duty eyelets.

Medium HD hole fits up to 0.080 diameter string.
Large HD hole fits up to 0.140 diameter string.

We recommend you drill your holes after you have the eyelets in your hands so the hole sizes will be correct!

Brass eyelets Price: 6¢ ea/ $5.50/100

Gold-plated eyelets:
Small: 70¢ ea/ $70.00/100
Medium: 80¢ ea/ $80.00/100
Large: 95¢ ea/ $95.00/100

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