Made in the USA by Dragonwhispers. View our video to the left to see how the Truitt sharping levers are made. They are known for their unique semitone lever characteristics:

  • Maintain a clear tone
  • Harmonics remain constant
  • Engage with a smooth, quiet action
  • Tonal quality is true
  • Made of elegant 24-karat gold-plated hard brass
  • Have a patented, unique design
  • No detectable sound absorption

Harpmakers agree the Truitt levers:

• Are easy to install and adjust
• Are securely mounted with two screws
• Grip strings firmly
• Minimal string wear
• Can be used on nylon, gut, metal strings


“The quality of sound with levers engaged, the elegant appearance, and true tonal results of playing my harp with the Truitt lever make them worth the price!.”

– Christina Tourin
Founder of the IHTP program

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